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Know Your Coils Seminar with Mark Sender

Know Your Coils with Mark Sender Seminar

The goal of Mark’s seminar is to share his passion for tattoo machines with like minded tattooers and help them to understand and appreciate the intricacies of their own Tattoo Machines.

The Coil Tattoo Machine is a complex creature, they can be fickle and confusing but by sharing the knowledge that Mark Sender has accrued over the last 12 years as a machine builder he can help tattooers of all experience levels troubleshoot and maintain their machines, so they too can enjoy consistent, great running machines.

Mark will teach an easy-to-understand, logic based system that helps tattooers truly “know” their machines so they can focus more on their tattoos and using their coils to their full potential rather than living in fear of the next spring breakage or unexplained malfunction.

In this seminar you will learn;

– Getting to know your machine through observations.
– Cleaning your machines.
– Machine set-up (needles, tubes, rubber bands, operating voltages).
– Maintaining your machines.
– Troubleshooting and Fault Finding.
– Re-springing and Repairing your machines (including how to cut and bend springs).
– Tuning your machines.
– What you need (tools and parts) to keep your machine in great shape.

Places are strictly limited – so book in early.

Saturday 06 October | 8am-10am
$100 per participant