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Our Story

Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival has been running in Melbourne for the last 10 years. The festival prides itself on the celebration of creativity and connecting different individuals through body art to be a diverse and an all-inclusive event. The team are excited to announce that the event will now be touring to Sydney & Brisbane!

Rites of Passage Tattoo Festival is built on a core value of ‘family’. Forget all ego and self-righteousness, and bring it back to what the meaning of ‘tattooing’ means for each and every one of us. It is an opportunity to share our own story, to wear our journey with pride and to connect to all like-minded people about an art form that has evolved long since the times of outlaw sailors. Tattoos are recognised around the world and they are here to stay (well, one would hope so, otherwise you got ripped off).

Over the course of 3 massive days, we’ll see 10,000 patrons walking through our doors, live entertainment, local food trucks, competitions for upcoming talent and art exhibitions – what are we trying to achieve?

We asked the public, we listened to their feedback and we are always refining, rebuilding and bettering one tattoo festival from the last. We listened and acted on visitor feedback.

Conventions are the best way to showcase artist’s works, network, build clientele and showcase the professionalism of the industry. Kevin Mack works on bringing the best International artists to Australia, and ensures the events fulfil the needs of the tattoo industry.  Tatsup and Rites of Passage further organise and facilitate seminars – for artists – as we understand the importance to grow and continue self-development.

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