Colour & Contrast with Matt Curzon

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Colour Contrast with Matt Curzon
In this hour long seminar for tattooers of all levels, Matt Curzon will take you through a hands-on, interactive presentation designed to maximise each participant’s knowledge of the use of contrast in Colour Tattooing.

All based around how to make your tattoos look as dynamic as possible, specific topics covered will include:

  • The design process
  • The keys to your set up
  • Step by step explanation of the tattoo process
  • The finer technical aspects of clean lines and colour saturation
  • Colour theory in tattooing
  • Comprehensive Q&A regarding tattoo equipment and techniques

Drawing from his experience tattooing on the road, Matt will also be providing a detailed segment on how to succeed as a traveling artist. These tips will help participants utilise their skill set around the world.

Places are strictly limited – so book in early.

Sunday 22 April | 9am-10am
$150 per participant

Colour Contrast with Matt Curzon

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