Black and Grey Tattoos

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What Are Black and Grey Tattoos?

Black and grey tattoos are made using only black ink, and watered down black ink to make grey ink. Black and grey tattoos can be applied to any genre of tattoo, such as traditional Japanese tattoos or abstract tattoos, but the most popular are realistic tattoos.

Black and grey tattoos rely heavily on intricate shading to create unique and beautiful works of art. It is harder to get that level of realism with colour inks and colour tattoos can take longer than black and grey tattoos. Another benefit of black and grey tattoos is that they do not fade as much as colour tattoos, and black is also the easiest colour to remove if you don’t want your tattoo anymore.

Black and Grey Abstract Statue of David Tattoo by Alonso

Black and Grey Tattoo Design by TattoosbyAlonso

What Is The History Of Black and Grey Tattoos?

The black and grey tattoo style is relatively new, having developed around the 1970’s – 80’s. This style of tattooing is thought to have started in Los Angeles prisons where inmates used their limited resources to create tattoos.

Chicano (Mexican-American) culture had a big influence on the style, as certain fonts such as Old English and depictions of life such as religious imagery, hot rods and other aspects of Chicano culture were often featured in these tattoos.

Black and grey has since become a popular style of tattooing due to it’s intricate detail, beautiful shading and ease of access.

Black and Grey Tattoo by 9threetattoo

Black and Grey Tattoo Design by 9threetattoo

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