Abstract Tattoos

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What Are Abstract Tattoos?

Abstract tattoos show images that are warped versions of things that we know in this world, like a human head, except that head has no top and planets are coming out of it. Other versions of abstract tattoos show fine lines moving together in swirling motions, creating a distorted wave on someone’s body.

Other abstract tattoos can consist of various shapes and lines placed in odd ways that make you question what you are seeing. As you have probably gathered, abstract tattoos encompass a wide range of artistic styles.

Abstract Blackwork Tattoo by TroyTatouage
Abstract Tattoo Design by TroyTatouage

What Is The History Of Abstract Tattoos?

Abstract tattoos are works of art that have one foot in reality and one foot out of reality. Abstract tattoos stem from a form of modern art called…you guessed it…abstract art! Abstract art is a very new style of art, having arrived in the 20th century and gaining more popularity in the 21st century.

One theory for the rise of abstract art was that it reflected the disconnect of social relations in the rise of the industrial society. It can be said that the art of the time reflects the society of the time. More recently, abstract tattoos have taken hold of the tattoo industry, having popped up in the last decade.

Abstract Blackwork Tattoo by TroyTatouage
Abstract Tattoo Design by CobrahTattoo

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