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What Are Biomechanical Tattoos?

Biomechanical tattoos depict a mix of human organs, skin and flesh combined with robotic and sci-fi elements. Often they are tattooed in a way that looks like someone’s skin is peeled back or broken to reveal mechanical internal workings, or struts and joints made of metal. Bio mechanical tattoos can also reveal cables, conduit and other electrical instruments.

Biomechanical tattoos can resemble strength, resilience and a new, improved you. Like all tattoos though, people get them for purely aesthetic reasons as well. Some people just want robotic arms…

Bodysuit / Full Body Biomechanical Tattoo by Javier Obregon Art

Biomechanical Tattoo Design by Javier Obregon Art

What Is The History Of Biomechanical Tattoos?

Biomechanical art and tattoos came into being with the release of H.R. Geiger’s artwork for the Alien movie in 1979. Since then, different styles of biomechanical art have popped up with different artist interpretations. Some art is purely mechanical, showing solid metal cogs, pistons and metal conduit, while other biomechanical art is a blurred line between organic and machine.

Some reference material could come from movies like The Terminator, Alien (H.R. Grieger is a huge influence with bio mechanical tattoos and is said to be the man that birthed the biomechanical aesthetic), Blade Runner or characters like General grievous from Star Wars. Many games can be used for inspiration too, with SOMA being a primary contender for a more sinister and disturbing combination of human and machine.

Biomechanical Hand Tattoo by Insamnia

Biomechanical Tattoo Design by Insamnia

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