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What Are Anime Tattoos?

Anime tattoos are based off Japanese animation series and movies which are known as ‘anime’. When film and television started to become mainstream, anime was the natural step for Manga – Japanese cartoons. Most anime has a simplistic 3d appearance, using only basic shadows and blurring of backgrounds to simulate depth, however as technology used to produce anime continues to get better, we are starting to see more detailed, complex illustrations.

Hallmarks of anime tattoos are bold lines, flat colours and ‘cartoon’ ways of creating depth perception with sharp shading and detailed lines.

One of the most popular styles of anime tattoo depict a character from a person’s favourite anime series. People may get these tattoos to show their enthusiasm for the anime, or may choose particular characters or scenes that represent something of meaning for that person. For example, someone might get their favourite hero tattooed on them to remind them of strength and courage in adversity or may get a beautiful woman to remind them of the virtues of love and romance.

Anime Tattoo by Carly Kawaii

Anime Tattoo Design by Carly Kawaii

What Is The History Of Anime Tattoos?

Anime tattoos are a relatively new genre of tattoo. They only joined the tattoo scene when anime spilled over from Japan into Western countries in the 70’s and 80’s.

Since then, anime has become a large part of the film and tv industry globally, with people from all around the world showing their love for certain anime series and characters by getting them permanently tattooed on their bodies.

As the animation technology behind anime has changed, and the animation has become more complex and detailed, the tattoos have also changed to match.

Anime Tattoo by Akiba Tattoo

Anime Tattoo Design by Akiba Tattoo

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